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This exhibition traces important moments in the artist’s life, beginning with love, marriage and childbirth. Portia Zvavahera's particular artistic process has allowed her, over time, to apprehend, resolve and overcome the various trials of her life. This process, prompted by her grandmother, involves scrupulously recording all the dreams that come to her, and transcribing them into text, sketches and paintings. This process allows her to transform the negative experiences that come out of her life and out of her nightmares. Often premonitory, Portia Zvavahera's dreams increasingly demand a creative process that will allow them to come to life. It is only when all the emotions linked to dreams are on the canvas that the artist can stop painting. The artist says, "Transferring the energy of my dreams into my paintings has helped me heal myself and eliminate the negative energy from my nightmares”. The dream therefore becomes a source of therapy, inspiration and motivation.

The artist mainly uses oil-based printing ink and oil bar on paper or canvas to achieve her works. The result is an exploration of the artist’s experiences and dreams, a mirror that allows her to better understand what is happening to her. The artist lets herself be carried away by the demands of the painting. For example, although the artist dislikes the colour green, if the painting calls for that colour, she will bend to the needs of the painting, as she revealed in a recent interview. An exhibition rich in emotions, colors and dreams therefore awaits ICAIO visitors from 13 February to 7 May 2020.

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