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Map of Mauritius, 1726

ICAIO is a government registered non profit foundation that will seek donations from private and corporate sponsors and apply for cultural grants.  To ensure financial transparency and reporting on the use of the funds, proper policies will be set-up and be under the responsibility of a 7-9 members board. The board overseas th strategic direction and financial status of the organisation


Board Members:

President                   -  Mr. Anil Currimjee

Vice President           -  Mr. Ian Espitalier-Noel

Secretary                   -  Mr. Salim Currimjee

Treasurer                   -  Mr. Nirvan Veerasamy

Assistant Treasurer   -  Mr. Laurent Debacker

Member                     -  Mr. Forbes Mavros

Member                     -  Mrs. Doris Bossu-Picat


An advisory committee to look at the artistic programme and assist in promoting the exposure/interaction of contemporary art in the region


Advisory Committee Members: (committee can be up to 14-18 people from all over the world)

Salim Currimjee, Architect/Artist, Mauritius.

Sally Couacaud, Independent Curator, Mauritius.

Brigitte Masson, Historian, Mauritius.

Zasha Colah, Independent Curator, Director, Clark House Initiative, Mumbai.

Josh Ginsburg, Artist, Independent Curator, South Africa.

Kerryn Greenberg, Curator African & International Art, Tate Modern, UK.

1 person from Institut Français de Maurice.

Artists from Mauritius and overseas.

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