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Exhibitions in Port Louis

Port-Louis is the capital and city that attracts most locals and tourists. An exhibition space of about 75m² will be the seat of the ICAIO foundation. There will be four shows a year (each for a period of 3 months) two by the visiting artists and two curated shows mainly from the collection of Salim Currimjee.


Throughout the duration of the shows the ICAIO will invite students, artists to come for a guided visit. The exhibitions will offer to the Mauritian public an unprecedented chance to engage with contemporary art and provide a cultural engagement for tourists. The exhibitions will become the foundation of a contemporary art program in Mauritius


The foundation will be open on a daily basis from 8:30am to 5:00pm on weekdays and by appointment on Saturday

Past Exhibition

8 December 2015 - 10 March 2016

Pieter Hugo


Portraits: "From the unsaid to the un-dead

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Past Exhibition

8 September - 27 November 2015

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Past exhibition

28 May - 2 September 2015

Institute of Contemporary

Art Indian Ocean

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