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Mauritius previously known as “the star and key of the Indian Ocean”


Mauritius as “cultural weaver” of the Indian Ocean


Mauritius is the geographical center of the Indian Ocean. For centuries, we have been on the trade routes that were the forerunners to the bonds that are now being forged today between India, China and Africa which re-establish the Indian Ocean as a major economic zone.


With artists working with the diversity and peaceful co-existence of the different cultures in Mauritius, to weave a new understanding and new connectivity between the various regions of the Indian Ocean. In this way Mauritius again becomes the nucleus of the region and allows for the generation of new ideas and understanding of related cultures.


Artistic education is fundamental in the nurturing of the senses yet it is often seen as of secondary importance. Through the interaction with contemporary artists and curators from different cultures of the Indian Ocean region, the children of Mauritius will gain awareness of artistic imagination and see the possibility of pursuing some form of artistic profession.


This emphasis on the artistic development of the island will in time lead to the economic development of Mauritius and the region.

Map of Mauritius, c.1700


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